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Tech Enhanced Bed

Tech Enhanced Bed

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– Back & Head

USB Ports
– 4 USB Ports

Wall-Hugging Feature
– Wall-Hugging

Therapeutic Massage
– Head & Foot Massage

Bluetooth & Technology
– Bluetooth iOS App

Product Description

SleepTight™ Technology

  • The Technology Enhanced Bed from Relaxwell features our exclusive SleepTight technology. Similar to what some company’s call wallhugging design, this lifestyle adjustable base keeps your nightstand within reach so when you awake in the morning your remote and other important items are at your fingertips. This model is our most popular for its design, features, and overall value.

Fit For Your Bedroom

  • This Adjustable Bed will transition into your sleep environment seamlessly. Our lifestyle adjustable beds are manufactured to fit into 99% of bed frames ensuring your sense of style or functionality is not compromised.

Rest Assured. Quality Workmanship.

  • Head and Foot Articulation
  • Head, Foot, and Full Body Massage feature.
  • Wireless Remote Control with “One Touch Flat” Pre-Set Position
  • Exclusive SleepTight™ Design
  • Programmable Memory for Pre-Set Positions
  • Made exclusively for Ultramatic
  • Additional hardware including headboard brackets and telescopic legs

Specs And Clarifications

Size TXL (38X80), QN (60X80)
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