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Posturepedic Euro Top - FIRM

Posturepedic Euro Top - FIRM

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Targets The Heaviest Part And Support Your Body Needs


 50% of your body weight rests in the centre while you sleep. 

That's Why We Engineered This New Technology To Reinforce The Centre Alignment To Allow Proper Support Your Body Needs 

What Makes Posturepedic Technology The Ultimate Mattress?


Continuous Coil System 

Allows Proper Support And High Durability System Creates Pressure To Be Equally Distributed To Promote Peaceful Sleep 

    Soft Cotton Feel Fibers

    Designed To Intensify Both Air Flow And Promote Balanced Temperature At the Sleep Surface. Provides Luxurious Soft Touch To Your New Mattress To Enhance Quality Sleep 

       Coil Edge Guard with Center and Lumbar Support 

      The Edge Guard Provides Sagging And Creates High Durability Overall System with Reinforced Mattress Edge Gives Your Flexibility And Extra Reinforcement Within The Core To Ensure Correct Posture Support

      Green Bio High Density 

      Provides Intense Durability, Strength, And Support Over Conventional Foam cores Based On Natural Renewable Materials, Soy Foam Provides Higher Comfort 

      Sleep With Warranty!

       What Makes Our Mattress Special? Our FREE Warranty Program!   

      You Can Now Sleep In Peace Knowing Our Posturepedic Pillowtop Mattress Covers 5 Years FREE Warranty! Because You Deserve A High-Quality Mattress With Our Guarantee!  

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