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Back Care Soft – No Flip – Single Only

Back Care Soft – No Flip – Single Only

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Specialized Mattress For Mild To Moderate Back Pain Individuals.

Available Both Soft and Firm. 


 1 in 8 Canadians report having a chronic back problems in their lifetime. 31% of Canadians report activity limitations due to chronic back pain. 

We have mastered the art of making mattresses specialized to serve individuals with mild to moderate back pain problems. We understand the limitations and difficulty you may have to get the quality sleep you deserve. This is why we engineered the "Back Care Mattress" to deliver you the best sleep at the most affordable price.  

What Makes Back Care The Ultimate Mattress?



Comfort Layers 

Quilted layers of foam land downy fibers along with optimal support for reducing tossing and turning. This enhances pressure relieving and provides you with highest level of comfort! 

Soft Cotton Feel Fibers

Designed to intensify both air flow and promote balanced temperature at the sleep surface. Provides luxurious soft touch to your new mattress to enhance quality sleep.

     High Density Foam

    High Density foam offers improved durability, strength and support over other conventional foam bases.

      Sleep With Warranty!

       What Makes Our Mattress Special? Our FREE Warranty Program!

      You can now sleep in peace knowing our back care mattress covers 3 Years FREE Warranty! Because you deserve a high quality mattress with our guarantee! ** Terms and conditions may apply.

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