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Adjustable Bed – M1500

Adjustable Bed – M1500

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– Back & Head

USB Ports
– No USB Ports

Wall-Hugging Feature
– Not Wall-Hugging

Therapeutic Massage
– No Massage

Bluetooth & Technology
– No App

Product Description
Core Features
It is an entry-level lifestyle adjustable bed with just the core features – no bells or whistles. It allows you to raise your back and your feet, so you can enjoy better blood circulation and breathing. It comes with a wired remote control. With the purchase of a small kit, you can convert his adjustable base to be controlled with a wireless remote control.
All The Basic Features
Head and foot articulation provide excellent overall pressure relief, support, and comfort. Two lift motors offer excellent head and foot articulation, while the soothing massage will relax those aching muscles – essential for deep sleep.
Request A Consultation
We highly recommend you speak with one of our knowledgeable sleep consultants. They’ll help you determine which lifestyle adjustable bed and mattress is best suited for your needs. We love helping create the most relaxing sleep experience for Canadians.

Specs And Clarifications
Size QUEEN SPLIT (32×80), TWIN XL (38×80), DB (54×74), QUEEN (60×80), DIVIDED KING (76×80)
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